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A visual and collaborative tool to help capture ideas, determine and prioritise what needs done and stay organised during delivery.

Barvas: The Vision

Challenges - the front end to any Project.

Barvas is a cloud based software solution, providing the capability to break down any challenge and to work out the best way forward. Most challenges explored will kick off one or more projects or a range of activities / tasks. 

Barvas harnesses the power of mind mapping at the front end, to help you decide the right things to do. It uses Project Management, Task Management and Task Board principles to help you to deliver what you need to, in a way your team will enjoy.


Explore your Challenge

The Mapping component in Barvas allows you to quickly break down what you know, and don't know about your challenge.

It helps define and share what you are trying to achieve and the reason why it needs to be addressed.

It helps identify ideal outcomes.

It helps identify what currently works and needs to be preserved and what doesn't and is in need of improvement.

It helps clarify thinking, using links, associations and relationships to aid understanding.

Barvas uses these proven techniques to help break down any challenge and provides the ideal platform to determine how best to move forward


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Determine what needs done

The Exploration phase will typically identify many things that could be done to improve a situation. Not everything will be practical and not everything will be achievable, given restrictions and constraints.

Category tags in Barvas lets you identify what would have most impact in terms of improving the current situation and also assess the degree of effort needed to make it happen.

Category centric views in Barvas allow you to view your thoughts from many perspectives, making it easier to home in on what provides the most impact, for least effort.

This ability to swivel the axis of how you look at the outcome of your brainstorm of ideas provides tremendous insight, which helps take the right decisions and do the right things.

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Engage your Team

Most challenges in business will require input from more than one person. There can be many stakeholders and whilst they bring knowledge, information, experience, insights and perspectives they can also bring their own complexities which can impact on the success or otherwise of your project.

Those stakeholders can come and go, as a challenge evolves into a project or a range of activities, making it essential to identify them all as soon as practical, define the role they play and decide how best to keep them on your side.

Barvas provides a range of features to help manage stakeholders successfully. Readily accessible clear statements continually highlight the purpose, reasoning and expected outcomes, ensuring they are never mis-represented. Stakeholder maps identify the individuals, the roles they play, their influence and clout, along with their communication needs. Resource allocation based on workload and real time collaboration without the need for email, all help limit obstacles to success.

Barvas provides the ability to allocate resources to progress resultant projects, activities or tasks, with each person in the team having their own personal Workspace to highlight what they have been actioned to deliver across all projects.


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Oversee and Monitor

Each Barvas user has their own Workspace, which provides a customisable status of what they are working on. They can navigate to any of the projects they are involved with directly from here and a range of shortcuts are provided to access recent work.

Each user has access to a Task Board, which provides a visual representation of how their work is progressing. From here, they and their management can see if any potential issues are a risk to progress and are able to address those before they cause delays.

The process is reflected as workstream swimlanes, with columns positioned to reflect stages in the process. Those are customisable for each project.

Task Lists and task Boards provide insight to individuals and management providing the insight required to ensure progress remains on schedule.

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