We have been developing and selling business productivity products for over 9 years, and we’re proud to have customers in over 120 countries, across almost every industry and sector imaginable. However, we also recognise that a lot has changed in this time and expectations for software products are now completely different. Software now needs to be accessible and available anytime, anywhere, and on any device. In addition, the impact of tablets, smartphones and social media networks, means that software products are expected to be social, visual engaging and provide high quality user experiences.

Our desktop product, MindGenius, has been hugely successful. But we decided to embrace the challenge of building on our core competencies and develop a new product to disrupt the underperforming project management space, specifically as we are aware that 35% of our users currently work in this space. We have therefore worked with our customers to understand their challenges within project management and believe that our latest online product, Barvas, provides a complete solution to managing successful projects and the challenges involved in them.

Most competitor project management solutions tend to ignore the first half of the journey and only focus on task management. Missing the opportunity to sense check what has been asked for, and what is needed, it is little wonder that of the high percentage of projects that fail, many do so because objectives have not been understood, requirements are not adequately managed and the project scope has not considered limitations.

Barvas provides guidance on the key practical steps to take in order to deliver projects successfully. A unique built-in mapping component helps overcome the common planning issues, encouraging users to engage with stakeholders, gather their requirements and agree what is needed before focusing on the delivery phase. Ultimately, Barvas becomes a complete project workspace for requirements, tasks, timelines, dashboards and social communications, keeping all project information in one place and all stakeholders fully informed.