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MindGenius Ltd has been producing business productivity software since 2001 that allows users to capture, visualize and use the information within their businesses to deliver successful projects. The Business Problems our products overcome is:

  • Of all the projects that fail:
    • 37% are due to inaccurate requirements gathering (Ref 1)
    • 41% are due to changes in scope mid-project (Ref 2)
  • This is because:
    • The right people weren't involved from the start
      • Stakeholders
      • Expertise
    • The project requirements were poorly defined and managed
      • Captured
      • Analysed
  • The impact of the Problem:
    • The business loses money
      • Project run late, over budget or fail to deliver expected benefits
      • Projects get cancelled having chewed through $, time and energy
    • Resources are tied up
      • Firefighting and unable to contribute elsewhere
    • Compromise the end result
      • To control budget and timescale the only option is to cut back on scope
        • Expected returns don't materialise
  • Our solutions mitigate the impact of the problem because they focus on the Front End of a Project:
    • What is the problem / missed opportunity?
    • What currently works?
    • What doesn't?
    • What could be achieved?
    • Is it aligned to organisational strategy?
    • Who needs to be involved / consulted /on board?
    • Are constraints defined?
    • Are risks and assumptions identified, mitigated and managed to a comfortable level?
    • Identify and communicate what the project isn't!

The Project Management (PM) Lifecycle

Project Management Lifecycle


  • There are 6 key stages to effective Project Management:
    • Understanding Objectives
    • Gathering Requirements
    • Agreeing Scope
    • Creating a Delivery Plan
    • Delivering the Project
    • Monitoring & Reviewing Progress
  • Each stage has other demands as shown by the less dominant cogs in the diagram:
    • Business Case Alignment, Project Start-Up Agreement, Brainstorming, Work Breakdown Structures
    • Stakeholder, Risk & Meeting Management
    • Retrospectives

The Value of Our Solutions

Our products, Barvas and MindGenius Desktop provide the ability to:

  • Clarify what needs to be delivered
  • Plan how and when
  • Deliver successful projects

And the capability to help:

  • An organisation understand itself and how it is performing
  • Make the right strategic decisions
  • Simplify complex processes and situations
  • Maintain alignment with strategic objectives
  • Gain consensus on best way forward
  • Eliminate unwanted surprises during project delivery

The Marketplace Our Products Fit In

There are many competitive Project Management solutions in the marketplace, ranging from simple low cost solutions to complex and expensive solutions managing huge projects. 

  • Barvas is optimised to support team of 10 or less to deliver multiple projects simultaneously in a team environment where online collaboration and sharing of plans is required
  • MindGenius Desktop is a standalone Desktop solution ideal for teams but where the key documents are maintained and controlled by a single project manager
  • Why?
    • Large Projects are typically broken down into smaller projects
    • Smaller Projects are typically delivered by teams of 8-10 people
    • The Project Management solutions for managing large projects are typically too complex and too expensive for the teams delivering the multiple small projects that collectively are the project

Key Product Differentiation of Barvas and MindGenius Desktop

Project Management Solutions from MindGenius


The principle reasons projects fail is due to inadequate management of objectives, requirements and scope. The leading tools in the PM space ignore this front end and typically pick up projects at planning the delivery stage and by then the damage is done! 

Our products manage all aspects of a Project including the less dominant functions shown.

Existing PM tools ignore the front end and manage from Create the Plan forward.

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Ref (1) PMI Pulse of the Professionals 2016; Capturing the Value of Project Management

Ref (2) PWC PPM Survey 2014