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Running a popular blog, twitter or Facebook account? Monetise them by sharing your Barvas Affiliate link. Barvas is an exponentially growing product in the project management and collaboration market. The affiliate programme provides a unique way for your website to earn commission.


Sign Up for the Barvas affiliate program and get a unique referral link


Place a banner on your site or add a link to your blog.


When your referral starts a paid subscription, you'll get a commission.

Grow your income with Barvas Affiliate program

  • With one-time commission you don't have to depend on referral behavior or churn.
  • It's free to join: you pay nothing even if you take a break in promoting Barvas.
  • Long cookie period increases your chances to convert your traffic.
  • No minimum threshold for money withdrawal.

Attractive Commissions

You'll like our uncapped commision structure. You get the first 2 months subscriptions of all users who signup for an annual contract. Thats $60 for a 5 user team, $120 for a 10 user team with no capped limit. As the larger accounts increase so does your commision

High Quality Collateral

By joining our affiliate programme you'll get access to our best promotional materials

Complete Transparency

Track the realtime performance of the progress of your affiliate referrals

Monetise your online presence

  • If you need help, your personal Affiliate 
    managers will be there to give you a hand.
  • We are always happy to give regular performance incentives.
  • High quality product to promote: Barvas is a popular project collaboration app with a rapidly growing customer base and high ratings on top review sites.

become an affiliate

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Main Rules for Barvas Affiliates

Have a look at our Barvas Affiliates agreement

Please Do
  • Use any promo materials from the affiliate portal and request missing materials.
  • Place your affiliate link in any kind of Barvas review or vendor comparison that reflects your opinion.
  • Promote Barvas on your social media channels.
  • Place approved Barvas banners on your site and remove them any time.
  • Access real-time reports on generated trials, paid subscriptions, and commissions earned — even from your mobile device.
  • Ask for support and best practices from Barvas Affiliate team at .



Please Don't
  • Use your affiliate link on a coupon, promo, or deal site as well as adult, dating or any site that promotes illegal content.
  • Promote Barvas via Paid Search Placement in any search engine.
  • Use «Barvas» in your domain/personal branding.
  • Use your own banners promoting Barvas without approval.
  • Refer your own account to get commissions.
  • Send your referral links in unsolicited mail batches.


What happens if the visitor on my site clicks the affiliate link but doesn't start a trial immediately?

When people click your link they get a 365 day cookie which means that we will be able to identify them for 1 year. If they start a trial any time during this period, we'll be able to attribute this lead to you unless cookie is cleared.

What is a cookie?

Cookies are small pieces of text information stored in your browser. They serve as an identifier of a certain action. The affiliate marketing cookies contain the affiliate ID, so if the client starts a trial during the cookie length after clicking the affiliate link, the conversion is attributed to the affiliate. In Barvas, the cookie length is 365 days.

What are the conditions to succeed with Barvas Affiliate Program?

You have to have a website, blog, or social media channel with high traffic and quality design. You are writing about business, project management, teamwork, productivity, or software. You have to have at least a basic understanding of affiliate marketing.

Do you have promo materials in other languages?

No. Just English initially though we are happy to consider others.

I don't have a PayPal, is there any other way to get commissions?

We can pay your commissions via PayPal only. It's free to start a PayPal account and doesn't take much time.

What are the main mistakes of Barvas affiliates?

The number one mistake is forgetting to add their affiliate link when they mention Barvas. In this case, we can't attribute leads coming from that account to them and commissions may be lost. The second mistake is promoting Barvas to the wrong audience. To succeed in any affiliate program, you should choose products that fit your audience. Otherwise, your visitors may feel confused with the offers you promote.

Can I promote Barvas via Google ads?

No, no PPC bids are allowed.

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