Why choose Barvas over Basecamp

Barvas is a feature rich alternative to Basecamp Discover task and project Management made easy - Plan, Schedule and Deliver in one collaborative tool.

Say farewell to tasks falling through cracks and never miss a deadline. Barvas just generally makes your life easier.

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mind map, project planning, work breakdown structure, task management

Plan With Mind Mapping

Capture plans simply and explore ideas with ease to prioritise and organise your teams work

Mindmapping enables you to breakdown information, knowledge and ideas quickly and effectively, making it easier to understand how things stand, where there are strengths and weaknesses and to identify what needs done.

mind map, project planning, work breakdown structure, communication

Plan and Schedule with Timelines

Our Timelines tool is simple, but powerful. Finding the best path and keeping everyone in the loop has never been easier.

You can set and see the overall project time-frame, the time-frame of each individual stage in your project, you can even zoom in to each individual task. 

project management, planning, work breakdown structure, communication, gantt chart, timeline

Move work on with Task Boards

Seamlessly convert plans and ideas into tasks and effortlessly engage your team around them

Barvas provides the ability to manage projects and tasks through to completion, you can monitor progress and identify blockages as they arise so these can be addressed.

project management, work breakdown structure, task management

Collaborate and Get Things Done

Switch freely between thinking and doing, while at the same time ensuring the people involved are aligned and working together effectively.

Different team members can work on projects and tasks simultaneously, teams can collaborate and share information within Barvas by adding links, comments and notes.

mind map, project planning, work breakdown structure, task management, communication