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Everywhere you look in business, there are challenges to be addressed, from increasing demand and sales to driving traffic to a website and maximising revenue potential.  Formulating business strategy ensures any challenge can be met. Barvas provides a framework for traditional forms of business analysis.

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PESTLE Analysis

This template provides a few questions to get a better understanding of the dynamics of your business unit through the traditional PESTLE analysis. In Barvas, you can capture and organise answers to questions in each category, keep track of what has been addressed and what has still to be answered and schedule when you will tackle each aspect. 

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Company SWOT Analysis

To formulate any business strategy, you need to know your strengths and weaknesses. Analyse this simply in Barvas by capturing your answers to these questions and tracking the subsequent activities and projects which will come out of that analysis. 

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project management, mind map template, business strategy, SWOT template, task management

Sales Strategy

Before you can sell any product or service, you have to work out why someone needs what you are offering and the value your solution brings to them. Barvas provides structure to the analysis to help you establish what someone would be willing to buy. 

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project management, mind map template, business strategy, work breakdown structure, sales strategy template

Barvas Templates

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