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Access your notes and work,
anywhere, on any device.

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Feel Secure in your Knowledge

1. Quickly capture key words and phrases so you can keep up in classes and lectures.
2. With a click, tag what you understand and what you don’t. 
3. Create detailed notes to reinforce your knowledge whenever, wherever.

Take the stress out of Deadlines

1. Create Study Timetables and make changes to them simply and quickly.
2. Break down the tasks involved in any assignment into a manageable timescale.
 3. Pick up on approaching deadlines and busy periods of work in seconds.

Take the uncertainty of 'what to do' out of your day

1. See progress and what you still have to do at a glance.
2. Add swim-lanes and personalise them to suit what you're doing.
3. Make getting work done satisfying by watching tasks flow to completion.  

Group work no longer has to be a struggle

Collaborate in all areas of the app with unique individual icons showing you who is doing what.

Store everyone’s files and sources in the app and attach them to specific tasks or branches for easy convenient access.

Have discussions with each other in-app that are naturally tied to the work you're discussing.

Free for 1 Year for all Students

We understand that while you're a student your pockets are stretched and you don't want to spend money on anything you're not absolutely sure of.
At the same time we also know that using Barvas as a student will make life for you so much easier and it will push your grades up!
1 year free, no credit cards details, no hidden ties, just try us out and see if we can help!