How can Barvas help you conduct your ISMS management review meetings online?

Bringing an overloaded management team together to facilitate a management review meeting for any regulatory standard can be a challenge to co-ordinate.

Barvas provides an environment where you can bring the team together in one online tool without having tog et everyone in the same location.

View our How to Guide below to see an example of how you could use Barvas to conduct your ISMS Management Review Meetings.

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If you are ready to get started, try our easy to follow template 

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Take a load off your mind

Barvas helps you break down and plan your thoughts and ideas using mind maps and ensures you make the right decisions on the way forward.

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Bring ideas to life

Using a timeline feature, Barvas creates a schedule from your plans. In this view, potential blockages are highlighted and you can adjust the schedule to fit your resource.

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Stay on track to meet deadlines

Organise your plans in a task board view to show whats on time, what's running late and who is doing what.

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One more thing - Barvas is made for teams and goes where you go

As a cloud based project genius, Barvas goes wherever you go without skipping a beat.

So sit back and relax. With Barvas on your team you can keep on top of workload and keep conversations flowing while on the go.

Don't Stress, Barvas Has Your Back

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mind maps, project management, work breakdown structure, task management