How much is Barvas?



Single project capacity for single user.

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£4.50 per user per month
$5.85 /m
€5.40 /m

Unlimited projects

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Single User

£9 /m
$11.70 /m
€10.80 /m

Unlimited projects

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14 days Free Unlimited access with no credit card details required

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we automatically get charged after the free 14 day unlimited access period?

No. When you decide to create an account with us you won't be asked for any card details. Your first 2 weeks are completely free and you won't be tied into any payment. When the 2 weeks finish your account will automatically revert to a Freemium account. It's then up to you if you would like to subscribe for premium features or just stick with Freemium. You can upgrade your account at any point to access all premium features.

What if we need more than 14 days to decide if Barvas could help us?

If you haven't purchased Barvas before your trial ends and you need a bit more time, tell us! We would be happy to extend your trial.

Is there a limit to the number of projects we can run?

If you're using a Freemium account, yes. You will only be able to create one project with a freemium account, but you will be able to use it forever!

 If you're on a Single user or a Team subscription you can create as many projects in Barvas as you like. There will never be an additional charge for adding new projects. Go break some eggs!

What can we expect from Barvas in the future?

The product is still growing and developing and it will continue to do so. Features and adjustments will be added regularly and we will look to our lovely user base to help prioritise what features and adjustments to make first. If you want to contribute, feel free to do so!