Mind Map For Effective Project Planning


Break down thoughts and ideas individually or as a team to make the right decisions and plan the best way forward 

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Here's how it works

Understand your project or challenge

Any project or challenge will kick off a number of related tasks and activities. Planning ensures you can break down a larger project into smaller, more manageable tasks. Categorising and adding structure allows you to identify the right tasks moving forward and can prioritise workload.

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Take a new perspective

View your mind map in a format that suits the information being displayed - choose from output tree, affinity view or map diagram. Mind maps can get big very easily so you can drill down information by the branch level menu or use the map explorer. Formatting fonts by size and colour lets you highlight specific areas of your map for easy reference.


mind mapping, project, project planning, work breakdown structure

Turn ideas into tasks

Start assigning tasks and resources from within the map area before viewing workload in a Gantt style timeline or Kanban view where you can manage the project to completion. Set-up and personalise your task board in way that suits your processes.


mind mapping, work breakdown structure, project

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