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Our experienced team of project managers delight in using a 4 step structured approach to help guide your team to successfully delivering their projects

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The success of any project is highly dependent on the decisions taken at the very beginning, yet time and time again projects fail to meet expectations as the compulsion to get on with it gets ahead of clearly understanding what’s broken and how best to fix it.

Our project facilitation service is designed specifically to help senior management take the correct decisions to ensure projects have the best chance of success.

A simple 4 step process, delivered on-line using a virtual meeting room and the latest in video technology, allows key players to interact simultaneously, regardless of geography. Just Schedule and Go.

Defining the Current Situation

What problem are we trying to fix or what opportunity are we missing out on? The role of the Facilitator is to help you engage and draw knowledge from the best people to provide the insight and knowledge that will give your project the best chance of a positive outcome. It doesn’t mean they all have to be with the project from there on in. In fact, it's important to have the correct people involved only when and where they add value.
What works? What doesn’t? What could be better? What would be brilliant? What facts have we got, what facts don’t we have and which do we need? These are some of the many questions that need answered.
Everything is captured, organised and considered and nothing missed.

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Review the information you have and identify information you need

In the ideal world all the information and knowledge is at hand. In the real world, it is often necessary to dig deeper to get the insight required and often that is going to take time and effort. This is why the facilitation service has been designed to allow for sharp bursts of activity and more considered time for research.
As it's online, working sessions only take as long as needed and its easy to tap into someone’s knowledge and expertise for a brief period with little or no overhead using the virtual meeting room’s capabilities.
The outcome from this stage is firm knowledge and understanding of what needs fixed and an insight and agreement into what could be achieved and what could become the end objective.

project management, planning, work breakdown structure, task management

The ideal outcome and the options on how to get there

Having understood the current situation our project manager will continue to facilitate discussion within the team to help them develop the most appropriate solution to overcome the obstacles, in order to deliver what could be achieved.

The team will be capable of assessing the impact of change and whether the benefits outweigh the effort.

project management, planning, work breakdown structure, task management

Consensus on way forward and Starting work

OK, now for the tough bit; moving from talking about it to putting detailed plans in place to help make things happen.
The team will have to look at what is possible given the constraints in relation to time, resources and budget, and work out and agree on what is feasible and realistic. This is by no means easy, with conflicting interests and strong personalities to contend with, but ultimately the team need to agree what can be delivered and get executive support for that.
Change is best managed by kicking off one or more projects to produce the outcomes required and the Facilitator provides insight, methodologies and tools to simplify the whole process.
The outcome we all look for are successful projects that deliver exactly what we expected of them and are delivered on time and within budget.

project management, planning, communication, task management

Costs and Implementation Plan

- 4 x 2 hr online sessions with an experienced project manager

- Cost £300 per session

- Delivered using online meeting room with high definition video for all attendees


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