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New Feature: My Team View

Need to get an overview of your team mates workloads? My Team view is here to help!


How To Start A Project

Are you struggling with not knowing where to start when it comes to a new project? You might think it is a good idea to just start and deal with everything as and when you need to.

Project Management Terms For Team Leaders

Project Management Terms for Team Leaders

Confused by Project Management terms? You’re not alone! So we have made it easy and brought you a list of what we think are the key PM terms you should know.


New: Barvas feature updates for November 2018

In November we have delivered some often asked for features. Read on to find out more.

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The difference between project charter and project scope statement

Ever wondered what the difference is between a Project Scope Statement and a Project Charter? Do you really need both?  Read on to find out.

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3 Key Points To Include In Any Project Charter

Many see the Project Charter as an inconvenience and a distraction from getting started but even in their simplest form it provides many benefits.

Project planning

5 Uses of Mind Mapping in Project Planning

Wouldn’t it be great if all projects achieved everything that you set out to do?

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New Feature: Task Cover Images

We are thrilled to announce task cover images,  meaning you can attach your own images or photos to Barvas tasks and have them appear in your Task Board.


Break Through Any Business Challenge

Download our white paper, "Break Through Any Business Challenge" and find out how to prioritise the right tasks and manage for success.


Make University life easier

Download the Barvas Education templates and make University life easier 


Mapping the Minds of the World's Greatest Business Thinkers

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Where Would We Be Without A Plan

Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail is a well-used phrase. How does that translate to our work? This blog considers that along with the term Accidental Project Manager.


Event Planning- Don't Leave Anything To Chance

Download the Barvas Event Planning template to plan your event and to stay on top of all tasks before, during and post event

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Conducting an Efficient Management Review for ISO 27001 and ISO 22301

Download the ISMS Management Review template to facilitate your review with ease


SWOT- It's All About The Follow Through

Download the Barvas SWOT Analysis template to effectively analyse your strengths and weaknesses so you can identify the best strategies going forward. 


Marketing- It's Really Just Great Storytelling

Download the Barvas Content Creation template to help plan out requirements and keep track of your schedule

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Using Technology to Streamline Project Initiation Instruction

Download the Barvas Project Initiation Instruction template to help lay a solid foundation for your project


Who Really Uses Exit Interviews?

Download the Barvas Exit Interview template to manage and improve your Exit Interview process

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Sales Strategy- Now That's A Novelty

Download our template to define your Sales Strategy and to improve your teams understanding and performance


6 key Tips to help you have Effective Employee Performance Reviews

Download our template to manage Employee Performance Reviews and attain outstanding employee performance

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PESTLE Analysis-Not Got Time For That!

Download our template to manage the PESTLE Analysis process and improve your understanding of the dynamics within your business


GDPR and PECR- How To Run Business As Normal After May 2018

Download our template to guide you through the key actions to comply with GDPR



Strategy- A Complicated Way to Describe Something Simple?

Manage Strategic Planning with Barvas Business Strategy Templates

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Recruiting- most of you won't like this

Manage your recruitment process with the Barvas Recruitment Template.


Web Design Projects Aren't Just About Design

The process of designing a website is easy with the Barvas Website Design Template.

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10 Common Project Management Pitfalls

Clarify, Plan and Deliver all aspects of project planning and tracking with Barvas Project Management Templates. 

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Why Do I Need A Social Media Strategy?

Plan your Social Media Strategy with a free Social Strategy template in Barvas. 

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Empower Your Human Resources Processes

Empower your Human Resources Processes with Barvas HR templates

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A Guide to Saving Time in Marketing Planning

Save time in Marketing Planning with Barvas Marketing Templates. 

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CompareCamp Awards for Barvas Project Management Software

Barvas Project Management Software is the winner of CompareCamp Rising Star 2017 and Great User Experience Awards. 

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Templates and Copy Project Have Launched in Barvas

Use Barvas templates and Copy Project to Clarify, Plan and Deliver your projects with ease. 

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Simplify Your Onboarding Process with Barvas

Use the Barvas template for New Employee Onboarding for best practice in each stage of the process

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FinancesOnline Awards For Barvas Project Management Software

Barvas Project Management Software is the winner of FinancesOnline Rising Star 2017 and Great User Experience Awards.

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Plan Product Features with Barvas

Understand, Breakdown and Plan new Product Features with Barvas. 

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Assign Yourself Tasks

Assign yourself tasks and experience the benefits of Barvas.

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Launch your next campaign or project with Barvas

Launch your next campaign or project with Barvas 

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Stay Organised and Be Better Prepared

Stay Organised and Be Better Prepared with Barvas

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Built For Collaboration

Collaboration with your team is possible in any location, on any device.

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Project Management That’s as Easy as 1,2,3 - Plan, Schedule, Deliver

Plan, Schedule and Deliver for effective project management that will yield improved results. 

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Plan For Success

Thorough planning is one of the most important things anyone can do in any area of life, not just in project planning.  The benefits of this approach are almost instant.


No More Missed Deadlines

Not all managers are project managers. Stay organised and never miss a deadline with simple task management.

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Say Farewell to Tasks Falling Through the Cracks

Prevent tasks being forgotten and missed deadlines. Combining tried and tested techniques in one productivity tool, helps improve task management and teamwork.

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Relax- it's holiday time

As the schools finish for their annual summer break this week, talk around the office is very much centred around everyone’s holiday plans, many of which have taken weeks and months of planning.


Don’t Leave Project Success to Chance

A project kick-off meeting should be given the same focus as the project as a whole. Think of it as setting the scene for the tone of the whole project.

stakeholders-02 - Copy.png

Project Success Hinges on Strong Relationship with Project Sponsors

Engaging the right people in the right way in a project can be the difference between success and failure.


Avoid Confrontation

A project close out meeting should in theory be a relaxed meeting. That is if the project has been delivered on time, on budget and meets the desired outcomes.


Do Start Ups Need Project Management?

Does a structured project management process have a place in a startup organization? Based on my experience I can categorically respond Yes!


What is Strategy?

Strategy is commonly misunderstood and often confused. So what is Strategy?


Project Leaders Depend on Accurate Information

Project professionals have a responsibility to make sure the information they are communicating meets this standard and is also ACCURATE.

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The 5 W's of Project Planning

On project planning, understanding & communicating the five W’s can provide context and perspective for the low-level details found within the individual project plans.


Introduction to Barvas - Watch Here


Barvas for Education - Watch Now


Simple, Powerful Project Management


Helix Well Ops Team plan, track and manage their priorities, workload and projects in a live workspace that helps them deliver their goals

How an engineering team plan, track and manage their workload


Barvas provides a lifeline to a medical student managing their university workload

4th year medical student explains how Barvas is proving to be invaluable in her studies.


SBH Scotland embrace their strategic objective of increasing public awareness and understanding of individuals with spina bifida and/or hydrocephalus and allied conditions

SBHScotland utilise Barvas to increase public awareness and understanding of Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus and allied conditions.



Barvas bridges a 1000 mile gap between two entrepreneurs, and helps them build the business plan for their sustainable housing business

Two entrepreneurs use Barvas to bridge the 1000 mile gap between their US locations, and help their sustainable housing venture get off the ground.



Barvas helps to bring clarity to strategy planning for schools.

Find out how Barvas has helped to bring clarity to a project


Effective Collaboration and Determining Client Requirements in an Innovative Environment with Barvas

A medical technology centre of excellence utilises Barvas to engage and collaborate with clients

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Barvas enables the World’s leading provider of user-filled explosive charges and disrupters to share ideas from anywhere in the world.

Discover how Barvas has helped share ideas from all over the world.


In a complex college merger environment, Barvas would have delivered many additional efficiencies in project management

Barvas provided GSD with the clarity they required to focus on planning and communication.


Barvas – the “favourite way” to organise workload and task management

Arkansas Organ Recovery use Barvas to capture, visualise and manage all tasks within their Quality Management System.

tech mobile.png

Tech mobile utilise Barvas for team collaboration to grow and expand their customer base

Barvas has enabled the Tech Mobile team to be more focused and collaborative in their approach to project management


How would a Student use Barvas at University?

We interviewed Cailean Maciver, who is a Business student at Newcastle University on how he uses Barvas at Uni and the differences it has made to university life for him in general.


Marketing Plans with Barvas


How To Simplify Your Employee Onboarding Process With Barvas


How to Plan Your Employee Review Process with Barvas


How to Plan Your Exit Interview Process with Barvas

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How to Manage Your Recruitment With Barvas


How To Understand GDPR Regulation


How To Implement GDPR Regulation

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How to Plan Your Marketing Campaigns With Barvas


How To Plan a Website Design Project with Barvas


How To Plan a Major Event with Barvas

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How To Prepare your Marketing Content Plan with Barvas

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How To Plan Your Social Media Strategy with Barvas

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How to Manage the Product Roadmap with Barvas


How to Manage Development Team Task Tracking with Barvas


How To Manage Project Risk With Barvas


How To Establish Your Project Charter with Barvas


How To Create a Project Scope Statement with Barvas


How to Organise a Company SWOT Analysis with Barvas

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How to Agree Your Sales Strategy with Barvas


How to Organise a Business PESTLE Analysis with Barvas

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How To Create a Project Initiation Document


How To Conduct an ISMS Management Review Meeting with Barvas


Barvas Quick Start Guide