A Guide to Saving Time in Marketing Planning



In marketing, it’s often said that no two days are ever the same, there is a variety to the role which means there is always something new to be working on. However, having said that, there is some repetition in the way we do things. For example, when planning a campaign, organising an event or preparing marketing content, we start at the same point in scoping and planning things out before scheduling the related tasks.

 These repeated processes can be time consuming if you are starting from scratch every time, but having templates of these which you can refer to as the starting point each time you begin working on a new project can save a lot of time and effort, meaning you can kick things off quicker which ultimately means you can get more done.

Like most marketing teams, here at MindGenius we have basic starting points for any marketing project and use our own tool, Barvas to scope these out and plan the way forward.  In my own Barvas account, I have templates set-up for our team for:

  • Full campaign planning
  • Website design
  • Planning content
  • Event planning
  • Social strategy

The main benefit for me is that every time we start something new we follow one of these processes, I can just copy the original and most of the questions and plans I need are already prepared, meaning I can edit rather than having to recreate everything all the time. 

Take for example, full marketing campaign planning. There are a number of questions which need to be answered for every new marketing campaign, such as who is the target audience? Which channels to market are we going to use? How will we measure the success of this campaign? The template can act as the foundation on which your campaign is built upon. You would then just need to alter some aspects so that it relates directly to each specific campaign.  



Templates can act as inspirations for possible ways of going about things. Sometimes it can be the case that you are working on something completely new, perhaps you have been asked to organise a large corporate event and have never done so before and have no idea where to start. Using the Barvas template for Event Planning would provide you with a plan of exactly what is involved and details the tasks that need to be done so that your event goes off without a hitch.

So not only are templates useful for repeated processes but they can also be viewed as tools to help you reach solutions to problems. They are a guide on how to approach all aspects of marketing planning, which can at times be challenging.  

So if you have a campaign that you need to plan, sign up or log in to Barvas and try the new Barvas for Marketing templates.


 Get started with Marketing templates 

We have now made templates available to all users in Barvas. Simply select the template you want to use and it will automatically launch when you sign into Barvas.