New: Barvas feature updates for November 2018


New features for November 2018

In November we have delivered some often asked for features.

  • Link tasks and branches to your OneDrive and Google Drive files
  • Toggle the display of completed branches in the map

Link to OneDrive and Google Drive

A couple of months ago we added the ability to upload files from your computer and attach them to branches, tasks and project.

This month we have extended the attachment feature to include linking to OneDrive and Google drive.  Just go to the attachments section of a task or branch and choose the way you want to attach files.

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Note: Google Drive integration is coming on the 30th of November 2018

Hide completed tasks in the map

One of the issues users have raised is that there maps can become cluttered with completed tasks over time.  To help with this we have now added the ability to toggle the display of completed tasks when in the map.

If you switch this on, all completed tasks (and their children) will be hidden to give you a clearer picture of what's outstanding.

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We have future plans for more features that will help further help to de-clutter your maps and keep them usable in the long term.