New Feature: My Team View


Need to get an overview of your team mates workloads? My Team view is here to help!

At Barvas we really want to help teams plan and manage their projects to a successful conclusion. As with most things in life, project management is never simple and rarely do people on your team only work on one project at a time. This can lead to difficulties in getting viability on a team members true workload.


My Team View


This week we have introduced a new view called "My Team". This view will allow you to see all the task assigned to a particular person, across all projects. You have the choice of two views that you can work in:

  • A task list where you can group and sort by project, date or status. Edit tasks as normal via the task dialog
  • A timeline grouped by project. This is a great way to see if anyone on your team is overloaded with work. You can then reschedule or reassign work as needed directly in the timeline view.

You can also create new tasks and assign them to people directly from the team member view.


You can access this new view from the link on the top left of your home screen.

Give it a try today!