New Feature: Task Cover Images


Want to liven up your Task boards?

In this post we are thrilled to announce task cover images,  meaning you can attach your own images or photos to Barvas tasks and have them appear right on the card in your Task Board.

This is a great way to convey more information about the tasks on the board and make your projects more engaging for everyone.

 Barvas Task Card Covers

 Working on a newsletter design? Let everyone see it by attaching a preview of it to a card. 

Got some cards that are on your board for information purposes?  Add an image to give them more meaning.

How to upload task card covers in Barvas

Adding a cover image is simple and quick to do.  First,  go to your Task Board and open a task card by clicking it.  Second, uploaded an image via the Attach a file link in the dialog. Barvas will then automatically set the image as the cover for you.  Also, you can even paste in images copied from websites or your screen snipping tool.

 Like the sound of this feature? Why not give it a try today?

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