Relax- it's holiday time



As the schools finish for their annual summer break this week (in Scotland anyway), we are all starting to turn our attention to our holidays and talk around the office is very much centred around everyone’s holiday plans, many of which have taken weeks and months of planning and we are all looking forward to them in anticipation. 

Holidays are a time to switch off, unwind and completely relax away from the stresses of everyday life. That’s the theory anyway but how many times have you walked through an airport and seen hordes of people looking very much the opposite of that. If all the finer details are planned well in advance then there should be no need to stress out. 


My own holiday this year might not sound too relaxed - 2 weeks, 5 people and 4 cities - the logistics of which have taken quite a lot of planning and a huge part of the excitement for this holiday has been the planning. So how did we keep that all organised and make sure we were catering for everyone’s tastes when booking?  I turned to our own tools and set it all up using Barvas. 

As someone who likes to be completely organised when it comes to holiday planning, with multiple lists, Barvas has been essential for planning this trip. We could have gone to a travel agent, given them a list of dates and requirements and let them sort it all out for us but where’s the fun in that?

Instead, I started with a mindmap detailing our preferred dates and locations. Then added potential hotels we could review and choose from. I then added onto that the logistics of getting to and from each location and finally there was a wish list of activities from all travellers in the group.

From there the map could be turned into a task board with responsibilities for research and booking assigned to people in the group. In reality, we did a lot of the choosing and booking together but Barvas still meant we could all add ideas into the mix at any given time until we all met up to book and make decisions. Having everyone’s thoughts and ideas in one place has made planning this trip really simple.

A colleague has also used Barvas to plan a tour of Europe. His travel companions are based in separate countries so Barvas has made a huge difference to the planning of their trip as everyone can input to the plan and update throughout the planning.

As well as the logistics of the trip itself, there is the packing list. I will admit, holiday packing for me has never been easy and although I am improving – travelling light has never been something I have mastered. Barvas though has helped me cut down by first making a huge list of potential requirements and then narrowing that down to ensure I meet the luggage restrictions and don’t end up paying more in excess baggage than the holiday itself!!!

So, as you will gather, I am in full holiday countdown mode this week in preparation for heading off next week.  I feel relaxed knowing everything is completely organised and if anything does go wrong it will be down to something that will be out of our hands. 

Barvas isn’t just for work projects – it’s for holidays, DIY projects and anything else in life when you just need to be organised. Try it for yourself and see how easy it is to keep life organised and stress free – I’m sure you will agree that we could all do with that.

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