Say Farewell to Tasks Falling Through the Cracks



How many times have you sat back with a sense of satisfaction as you get to the end of a mountain of work, only to be asked the status of the one task that wasn't done? You're gripped by a sense of sudden fear or panic as you realise it was completely forgotten. The sense of satisfaction you felt when you thought everything was complete disappears quickly as you realise something was missed.

Sound familiar? How do you change that situation?

Introducing Barvas - your one stop shop to ensure all tasks, communications and progress are captured in one place. By combining tried and tested techniques into one productivity tool, Barvas helps to prevent tasks from being missed or forgotten. 

The planning area of Barvas lets you and your team capture thoughts and ideas to explore the best solution. From there, you can seamlessly prioritise and move into tasks, assign resources and schedule them. Progress can then be monitored until completion.  Additionally, Barvas has many collaborative features, most significantly, a chat facility ensures all conversations around a task can be carried out in the product, removing the issues of conversations taking place in email where they can become fragmented or lost. With all team members able to access Barvas from any location with an internet connection, there is no need to have everyone in the one location. 

Not only do you have the benefit of tasks no longer falling through the cracks, but in addition:

  • You get all of your team on the same page
  • Realtime status updates are available 24/7
  • All project information is accessible in the one location
  • Work is completed quicker

In summary, Barvas is Task Management Made Easy.

But don't just take my word for it, Say Farewell to Tasks Falling Through Cracks by trying Barvas for free for 14 days. Discover how it can help ensure you maintain the satisfaction of completed tasks and not the fear of what has been missed. 

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