Templates and Copy Project Have Launched in Barvas



There have been exciting developments made to Barvas and we are really excited to reveal that Templates and Copy Project have now launched! There are a range of templates available now for Marketing, Development, Human Resources, Project Management and Business Strategy, with more to follow. With templates covering all key areas of business, no matter what your role is, being able to Clarify, Plan and Deliver your projects with Barvas is easier than ever before.

 Within each business area there are a selection of templates to choose from. Simply, select the one you want to use, click on ‘Use Template’ and the selected template will launch directly when you login to Barvas. 

Templates are extremely useful as they are an inspiration for possible ways of going about things, which is ideal if you are working on something totally new or if you would like some refreshing ideas on something you have been doing for years. For instance, if you have been given the task of organising a corporate event and haven’t done so before, it will help you clarify and plan exactly what is involved and details the tasks that need to be done, so your event goes off without a hitch.


 They are also a major timesaving tool, especially if there are repeated processes that you need to follow in your role. For example, if you work in HR and there is a new employee joining the company, then there are set steps and processes that are followed.  The same can be said if you are a Marketing Manager.  For each campaign you need to outline the target audience, content requirements and social media strategy. Instead of having to create the same projects over and over again you can use a template for such repeated processes. Everything that you need to do has already been clarified and planned previously, saving you time and effort.



Whether it is the entire project or just certain elements that you would like to carry across to a new project, the Copy Project feature allows you to do just that. A range of information can be copied from a previous project so the new project can either be an exact copy or alternatively, certain information that is not applicable to the new project can be left out, providing you with a base project that you can build upon, while also being able to add new information.

The map with all its branches and tasks with their associated tags and status can be copied. If you would like to include tasks completed in a previous project be sure to select ‘Completed tasks’ otherwise important tasks may fall through the cracks. There is also the option to copy previous project members and notify them of this by email and include the original task assignee’s. Another helpful aspect is the first task’s date can be rescheduled, which automatically adjusts all other task dates, taking care of scheduling.

So you can tailor Maps, Timelines and Tasks to the requirements of specific projects if needed!

A project can be copied from your My Workspace area under Recent Projects. You then click on the three dots on the right hand side of a particular project and Click Copy project. It can also be copied by clicking on the three dots above the tool bar in the Map, Timeline and Task view.  So it really is quick and simple,  one click and the hardwork is done!

We are really pleased that these features are now available after months of hardwork and we hope that these new features will make Clarifying, Planning and Delivering your projects easier than ever before!

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