Where Would We Be Without A Plan


Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail is a well-used phrase. In reality, we plan every single aspect of our lives daily without even calling it a plan.  We plan what to wear, what to eat, how we will get to work, the time we need to leave the house to be on time, we plan our evenings and weekends. Ok – so these are simple plans and some would argue they aren’t even plans at all – they are merely decisions we make over the course of the day but the fact remains that organising our lives does involve planning to a certain degree whether we recognise it as planning or not.

So, if every aspect of our lives involves planning then how does that translate to our work and in particular, certain roles. A phrase that is thrown around our office a lot is “The Accidental Project Manager” – someone who doesn’t call themselves a Project Manager in the traditional sense but who does in fact manage projects daily in their role. A good example of this is a Marketing Manager. Every element of running a marketing team is effectively a mini project but no marketer has ever called themselves a Project Manager. It’s not only marketers who this term would naturally apply to – it’s really anyone who manages tasks and teams and as a result is managing a group of projects. 

Going back to my original question – Where would we be without a plan?  Well that is never more relevant than in roles where multiple tasks, team members and projects are being managed daily. A great deal of planning is required to ensure nothing falls down the cracks and that everyone remains on the same page, working towards a common goal.

Planning involves determining who, what, how and when.

  • Who will be involved?
  • What are the exact requirements and scope of the project or task? and once that is determined,
  • How will the requirements be delivered and when?

Without being able to answer those questions, there is no plan and without a plan – the project is destined to fail.  Indeed, 37% of projects fail due to a lack of planning.*

Barvas makes planning easy and we have specifically developed and built the tool around planning. You can take any task assigned to you or your team and break out all of the component parts, prioritise them, determine the exact requirements and decide on the best way forward to achieve the goal you have been set.

In addition, you can seamlessly turn your plan into a task management schedule to manage delivery and monitor progress.  All team members can access and update in real time meaning there is one version of the truth and everyone has status updates available to them 24/7. In addition, an online chat facility built in makes collaborative working a reality.

Try Barvas for free for 14 days and discover how planning can streamline your processes and deliver higher success rates for your project work. Use one of our templates or build your own easily once logged in. 

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