How to Plan Your Marketing Campaigns With Barvas

Barvas has thousands of possible uses within an organization to help individuals and teams to plan more thoroughly, stay on track and get the right things done on time.

Barvas does this in 3 simple but highly productive and engaging interfaces (which can be used independently or in synch):

  1. A brainstorming, idea-capturing, mapping interface to allow the quick capture and visualisation of ideas – ideal for scoping and planning any task or project
  2. A Task Board area for quickly creating Task Cards (with typical task data) and placing them in “swimlanes” to enable them to be monitored and managed on a pathway or journey to completion. A highly visual and effective way to manage priorities, tasks and projects through to completion
  3. A Timeline calendar view which automatically converts the crucial task information from the other two interfaces into a time-bound plan or schedule – very important for people who need to visualise and manage tasks with start and end dates as a focus

This particular “How To” shows a practical example of how Barvas can be used by Marketing Teams to develop and plan a campaign.

Note: Initial use of Barvas to plan out a block of work can be either by entering the tool and starting from the very start with no data; or you can select one of our many useful Templates (e.g. a step-by-step process) as a guide to help you get started. Feel feel free to push the boundaries of how Barvas can help you once you understand how the product works and apply it to other challenging tasks


As you will be working from a template all the background information has been prepopulated but can be accessed from the info tag on the main menu bar.


Planning Your Marketing Campaign

Preparing a full marketing campaign involves:

  • Establishing what the product or service offering is
  • Agreeing who the target audience is
  • Defining the master message
  • Establishing the channels to market
  • Agreeing timescales and budget and resource for the campaign

That’s a lot of information to process before even beginning to work on specific tasks.

With Barvas, you can determine answers to all of these questions outlined above either as individuals or as a team before seamlessly turning the results of your planning into your campaign plan, monitor progress throughout delivery while ensuring all information is available to team members 24/7 to access an update. Firstly, familiarise yourself with the map explorer that will help guide you through the various sections and use the +/- feature focus and explore on the items to be discussed. When the  Icon is showing in a branch the notes section contains supporting information with regards to the branch topic.

It is impossible to prepare a marketing plan if you don’t have a clear idea on what the offering is you are trying to promote, who your competitors and what their key differentiators are, and finally who you are ultimately targeting. Knowing this information and using it to prepare your plan will ensure your campaign is more informed and based on factual information rather than what you think should be done. Our templates have some guidance questions to help your team get started but feel free to add to the list.

This phase lets you establish what it is you are promoting through addressing some key questions such as those laid out below. As a team initially just capture all the ideas and answers to the question using type and return functionality (shown in the image below) highlighting the branch for the question being answered.


Sometimes the output from these discussions can generate lots of ideas that need sorting into priority and there is an ability to use tags to help clarify and make sense of the information and filter to help focus the resultant discussions.

The template has also been prepopulated with some tasks to illustrate how seamlessly tasks that are identified on the map are instantly created on the task board.

The ultimate outcome of working through the questions on the template will help to define your master message.  Using the information gathered in Step 1, you can prepare your overall Master Message. This short statement should define what the product / service does for someone and should get across to a potential buyer the benefits. 


At this point, you will still be planning your campaign, but will start to pull information together on some specific details, such as defining your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to show how you will measure the success of the campaign, what channels to market will be appropriate based on your defined target audience, the timescales involved, budget and resources available to work on the campaign.

The information collected here, combined with the information gathered in step 2 will give you the information you require to begin building your campaign plan along with the specific tasks that will be required to implement the campaign.

Based on the information you have gathered, you will know what you are promoting, who you are promoting to and the channels you are going to use to promote. You will know what your high-level master message is and can build a content and promotion plan for the channels chosen. You also know when the campaign should be live and how long it will run for.

At this point, you are now ready to start preparing a task plan and assign resource and timescales to it. You are moving from planning to doing and Barvas provides a seamless link between the two areas. Information collected during planning can be turned into tasks and you can monitor progress through to completion.

Converting information on your planning map into a task is simple with the task properties available in all areas of the product.

Once tasks are created they will display in either the task board or the timeline area, you can edit, add additional tasks, monitor progress and mark tasks as complete in either view depending on your preferred method of working.


An example of how this can be done is shown in the task board below. In reality, this would depend on your own internal processes and each column header can reflect how you would schedule and monitor work but this example shows information that was gathered in the planning stage and converted into tasks to be worked on accordingly. Sub tasks can also be grouped under a parent task as show in the image below highlighted in blue.


Below is the same information displayed as a timeline.


At this stage in the project then the task board will be a prime visual guide to progress with the detail and the collaboration of the team contained in the task card.

The seamless transition from map, to task board and timeline in Barvas makes it easy to plan any marketing campaign.

We use Barvas to run all areas of our business, planning and managing our marketing campaigns is just one example.  Why not give Barvas a try for planning your next marketing campaign. The pre-prepared example will offer a guide to setting this up for your own campaign.  You can easily edit any of the details to suit your own processes.

Use Our Barvas Example To Plan and Manage Your Next Marketing Campaign