Marketing Plans with Barvas

When launching any new marketing campaign, figuring out where to start can be daunting.

With Barvas, it doesn't have to be. 



1) Break your project down into high-level headlines: your message, your audience, etc. These will provide your plan structure.

2) Using your headlines as a guide, you can begin to break down your project and identify what you need to do

(When you've got the creative juices flowing, don't let the structure hold you back. You can come back later and drag and drop branches into the correct place.)

3) Once you've broken down your project, you can create tasks by applying dates or allocating team members by going to to the 'Task' dialogue.

4) Now you can identify and tag tasks of the highest impact and difficulty. Tasks that are high impact, but with a low difficulty, should be your starting point.


Now that you know what tasks need done, you can begin allocating them to team members by going to the 'Task' dialogue.

Set deadlines for completion and easily keep track of progress.


You don't need to wait for meetings to monitor progress. Every task has a built in chat facility. This way you can collaborate with your team, address any concerns and ensure those critical tasks don't get left behind.

To access the chat window, double click on a task in Schedule or Deliver.


Progress of each task can be monitored, to help identify bottle necks. On completion, simply click the tick on each card to remove it from the Task Board, and mark it as complete on the Timeline.