Simple, Yet Powerful Task Management

We know you have tasks to complete and deadlines to meet.
With Barvas, you can capture plans simply, prioritise and 
organise work, and seamlessly convert plans into ideas and tasks.

Barvas allows you to:

  • Never miss a deadline by keeping on top of tasks
  • Say farewell to tasks falling through cracks
  • Manage tasks and teams in one place
  • Free up valuable time spent in meetings
  • Accurate task status 24/7
mind map, project planning, work breakdown structure, task cards

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Manage Multiple Lists Simultaneously

Sometimes single lists became overwhelming, but don't worry. Simply create multiple lists and group tasks on the Task Board to quickly see what needs done.

Use the Task Board to tick off what's complete, and see your workload disappear. Alternatively set out your Task Board as a process and feel good each time you drag and drop and task across the columns towards completion.

mind map, project management, work breakdown structure, task cards

From tasks to plans: Schedule with Timeline

If you are dealing with something more complex that requires a bit of planning to help prioritise and order what needs done; use the Timeline to make sure it all hangs together.

See the big picture at a glance and easily and intuitively adjust timings and determine the order of delivery. Get your team engaged by easily assigning individual tasks and subtasks.

mind map,project management, work breakdown structure, gantt chart

Collaborate and Get Things Done

Switch freely between thinking and doing, while at the same time ensuring the people involved are aligned and working together effectively.

Different team members can work on projects and tasks simultaneously, teams can collaborate and share information within Barvas by adding links, comments and notes.

mind map, planning, project planning, work breakdown structure, communication